What to do if your A/C Freezes Up

Most homeowners don’t realize there is a problem with their A/C unit until it stops working. When the homeowners hear the hum of the blower and compressor running, they assume it is working. Your A/C should keep your home at a cool, comfortable temperature during the hot, humid summer months, but sometimes the inside...

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Fall Checklist for Your Home A/C and Heating


That's the official timeframe anyway, but we all know it'll still be pretty hot here in Florida. Nevertheless - it's soon upon us!

When the leaves start to fall and the weather gets cooler, it’s time to do a few things around the house to make sure your air conditioner...

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Why would we talk about heaters in the summer?

We're a long way from winter still, but just like it's cheaper to buy winter clothes in the summer when there's no demand, it's also more cost effective to repair problems with your heater in preparation for the coming months (and we're less than 2 months away from fall!)

The following tips are WAY...

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Heat Up Your House with a Coat of Paint

Winter is a long way away, but now is the time for home improvement. So while you're in the mood for fixing things up a bit there are some things you can do to prepare right now that will save you on heating bills when the time comes this winter.

When you get a...

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